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Only Mak Djulbegovic Days Until USF Football

This big, athletic senior could start on the offensive line this season, but the competition will be stiff.

# 71 OT Mak Djulbegovic
Senior, 6'5" 293 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Djulbegovic appeared in 10 games. Most of his time on the field was in special teams situations.

Spot on Spring Depth Chart: Starting right tackle above Clavion Nelson.

How he came to USF: Djulbegovic played on both the offensive and defensive lines at Carrollwood Day School, and was a team captain. He also played basketball for four years at CDS. In his freshman year, the team played six-man football and won the state title. Mak talked to some D-II and D-III colleges, but he wanted to play at a bigger football school, so he went to USF as a preferred walk-on.

Recruiting Rankings: None. But back then he was 60 pounds lighter and playing at a school that wasn't on the recruiting radar.

Projected Playing Time: Although he is listed as the starting right tackle, I doubt that he keeps that spot with Reilly Gibbons and Glen Bethel coming in the fall. There will definitely be some shuffling on the line, and it's hard to predict who will end up where. My gut tells me that Kofi Amichia will get the right tackle position and Djulbegovic will drop to second string. However, I have seen Mak fend off Josh Black with ease and occasionally handle Deadrin Senat singlehandedly this spring, so I think he really has developed some skills that he didn't have before. He has a legitimate shot at starting. Djulbegovic occasionally practiced at guard this sping, so he might move over and compete for Brynjar Gudmundsson's spot.

Fun Facts: Djulbegovic made the conference all-academic team in 2012 and 2013. Also, as the son of Bosnian parents, his high school nickname was "The Bosnian Warhammer."

Highlights: Since he wasn't really recruited and hasn't played a lot at USF, there are not any highlights of just him. But if you watch these spring game highlights, you see him blocking at right tackle for the white team.