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Only Mattias Ciabatti Days Until USF Football

This could be USF's best player. It is their punter. Jokes write themselves.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#49 P Mattias Ciabatti
Redshirt Senior, 6'0", 189 lbs.

Stats in 2014: Mattias had the best season of any USF punter ever, ranking 10th in the nation and first in the American Athletic Conference with a 44.4 yard punting average. He also led the conference in punts downed inside the 20 yard line (22) and punts of 50 yards or more (16). His fantastic punting prowess may have actually won the the Bulls two games last season, field position wars against UConn (17-14) and SMU (14-13). He was awarded first team All-AAC honors for his efforts, and is a legitimate All-America candidate in 2015.

Spot on Spring Depth Chart: Starting punter. Duh.

How He Came to USF: From Hillsborough High School in Tampa. As is often the case with kickers and punters, he was originally a walk-on, and later earned a scholarship. Mattias had an offer from Colgate out of high school.

Recruiting Rankings: Ciabatti was not rated by any of the major recruiting services.

Projected Playing Time: In the words of Avon Barksdale, dream with me: The Bulls' spread offense clicks, and we rarely see Mattias in 2015. It becomes one of the biggest controversies of the season-- the Bulls have one of the nation's best punters always sitting on the bench, as their new-look offense stupefies defenses and averages over 50 points per game. Mattias gets cranky, and constantly complains in his pre-draft interviews about how Willie Taggart is an offensive genius who never gives his punters a chance. No punters ever sign with USF again, but it doesn't matter because USF never punts again.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha just kidding USF will probably punt on third downs.

Highlights: Now that Mattias is really, really good, we can laugh about this disaster of a punt against Miami:

We can also admire the fact that he got his own PUNTER HIGHLIGHTS after being named AAC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance against UConn.

Say it with me: #Mattias4Heisman