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USF Football Tuesday Press Conference Tweetcap

Our annotated recap of USF’s weekly presser as they prepare for Saturday night’s game at Memphis.

NCAA Football: Navy at South Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Quinton Flowers, Bruce Hector, and coach Willie Taggart represented at USF’s weekly press conference as preparations are underway for Saturday’s game at Memphis. Nathan gathered the tweets and Jamie is providing the annotation here.

First, Flowers:

Flowers’ daughter was born at the end of September.

My first diaper change was practically the first diaper change. I got the meconium poop that looks like used motor oil. It was not fun.

This is right. And if USF goes 7-1 in the conference and still doesn’t win the division, it’s just a bad break, really. Technically it would be a failure, but 7-1 will win a division the majority of the time.

On to Bruce Hector:

The defense did have more jump than they’d had in the last several weeks. At least since the second half of the Cincinnati game, once they got over their FSU hangover.

This seems to contradict what Nate Godwin said last week about Woodie’s location not making much of a difference. Maybe it depends on what kind of person you’re talking to.

On to coach Taggart’s remarks:

This year Flowers is only 59 passing yards and 79 rushing yards short of that club. He’s a shoo-in to get it as long as he stays healthy. Depending on how many games USF has left to play, even 3,000/1,000 isn’t out of the question.

Nathan told us he saw Nadelman on crutches at practice on Tuesday morning. We’ll see what happens on Saturday. Now’s a good time to refamiliarize yourself with Behr if you don’t remember him from our summer countdown. He kicked for three years at Jacksonville, so he’s hardly untested. As insurance policies go, he’s a pretty good one to have.

Obviously someone read Ryan’s tweets.