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The Michael Kelly AD Announcement Tweetcap

See what all of the media, national and local, have to say about the new USF Vice President of Athletics

NCAA Football: Navy at South Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

USF officially announced CFP COO Michael Kelly as Athletic Director and Vice President of Athletics this morning, so we’ve compiled a tweetcap of the national and local reaction to the hire.

We’ve noticed one thing consistently - everyone believes it’s a grand slam.

Here’s the reaction from the national media:

Here’s some mentions from the local media:

Being named Vice President of Athletics may just be nomenclature, or something more.

And here’s Joey, who doesn’t know how to take a vacation. We’re also in the process of attaining the details.

Here are what higher-ups from the Tampa Bay Sports Commission have said:

We’re not-so-secretly jazzed about the Kelly-Higgins team-up in Tampa. If there’s an NCAA event that those two want in Tampa, it’s happening. And there’s a less than 0% chance the department will opt out of bidding on a regional.

Here is the reaction from USF:

And here’s what some of our staff has to say:

And here’s proof that time is a flat circle:

This is what we’re all feeling for the first time since Flowers to Bronson on a double reverse that blew up the GCO vs Syracuse.

Stay tuned for a recap on the next edition of the Bulluminati Podcast to discuss the future of USF Athletics with Michael Kelly at the helm.