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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Glorious Edition

USF got their guy for Vice President of Athletics and we have a lot to unpack.

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NCAA Football: Temple at South Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back at it again with Nate, Collin, Jamie and Senator Giggity for the latest edition of the Bulluminati Podcast skypecast* where we discuss the breaking news of the day; the announcement of Michael Kelly as the new Vice President of Athletics for USF.

Collin breaks down what this means for the future of athletics and the guys discuss what the local and national media and fans are saying about the announcement and the #BadProcessGreatOutcome working in spades!

The guys also take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions pertaining to Michael Kelly and more; including proper itinerary for the road trip to Chicago, #BucsTwitter and #GreenBreed19.

We also shout out the Shutdown Fullcast’s G5 preview presenting as giant USF homer blog Matt Grothe Pointe Blank. It was great assisting with this one and if you haven’t heard it, you should. There’s a lot of C. dunking and Tampa shout outs.

We also plug the first two parts of our TDS Awards for the year. We wrapped up part today. Take a look below at the staff’s picks and make your own in the comments.

Since Collin couldn’t place his picks, he takes the end of the podcast to go through his answers and compare our own.

*Pardon our skypey audio artifacts, especially in the beginning.

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