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The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Irish 31: The New Neighbors Edition

A heartbreaking loss and conference realignment #opinions.

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Morgan Tencza / The Daily Stampede

The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Irish 31 returns to discuss conference realignment news with Collin Sherwin, the heartbreaking loss to Tulsa, and the upcoming game vs. Temple.

Watch the full live stream

0:00: We plug our sponsor Irish 31! Be sure the mark your calendars for the The Daily Stampede Official Watch Party at Irish 31 Hyde Park for next week’s away game at ECU on Thursday!

2:32: We welcome back DKNation College Sports Editor and The Daily Stampede co-founder Collin Sherwin to the pod! Collin talks about his thoughts on the news of the AAC’s Expansion Plans.

37:05: We switch gears to actual football by welcoming Steeg!

1:12:20: Predictions and wrap-up!

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