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PYU Week 12 Results: Hail To Pitt

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Pittsburgh
Now here’s something you never see.
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(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Let’s start with the money standings:

bullsonparade96 3374.59 250 3624.59
ULhothot 2277.13 140 2417.13
speruche 1415.56 0 1415.56
dsidwell31 1347.22 0 1347.22
ElliotMoore 1241.52 150 1391.52
briank19 1194.93 0 1194.93
Danj725 1180.54 0 1180.54
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 1264.55
GaryStephen 996.70 0 996.70
mcgies852 958.21 140 1098.21
Gym399 930.64 0 930.64
jrjs 875.56 0 875.56
Andrewpina 794.55 250 1044.55
E-dogg42 766.19 165 931.19
Gibbsak 763.30 0 763.30
jjlovecub 749.00 0 749.00
Lrdnorman 655.75 0 655.75
HerdCountry941 382.86 0 382.86
anthonyvito 376.48 100 476.48
McIntyre2K7 350.00 110 460.00
Julmisteforheisman 134.24 0 134.24
camweed12 0.00 0 0.00
Defdans 0.00 220 220.00
undercoverbull 0.00 250 250.00

Wow! In a week, BullsOnParade96’s lead shrank from 3429.26 to 1207.46. How did that happen? It was mostly on one very astute preseason bet, and one very bad in-season bet:

ULhothot Pittsburgh 850.0 to win division championship 100.00 WIN 850.00
bullsonparade96 South Florida +3.5 points over Tulane Tulane 45-14 1122.86 LOSS -1122.86

BOP wasn’t the only one to be suckered into believing in USF against a winless and supposedly disinterested Tulane team. But he did pay the highest price for it. Meanwhile, ULhothot made a bet on Pitt, of all teams, to win their division of the ACC. I wouldn’t bet on Pitt to win a league if all the other teams dropped football mid-season. But they did it yesterday, over Virginia. Our friend from Louisville also had a very good Week 12, slotting into third place:

speruche 228.15 15 points
dsidwell31 225.00 10 points
ULhothot 204.96 7 points
jrjs 131.82 5 points
ElliotMoore 109.81 4 points
GaryStephen 44.50 3 points

Major winning bets were:

speruche Over 37.5 points in the Illinois-Iowa game; Over 41.0 points in the Nebraska-Wisconsin game; Over 39.5 points in the San Diego State-Nevada-Las Vegas game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Iowa 33-23; Wisconsin 35-28; San Diego State 28-20 75.00 WIN 450.00
dsidwell31 Florida State +2.0 points over Boston College; Ohio State -18.5 points over Michigan State; Tulane -5.5 points over South Florida (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida State 26-23; Ohio State 56-7; Tulane 45-14 50.00 WIN 300.00
ElliotMoore Miami (OH) -15.5 points over Bowling Green State; Toledo -6.0 points over Ohio (WIN,WIN) Miami (OH) 34-7; Toledo 35-23 90.00 WIN 234.00
ULhothot Southern Mississippi +630.0 money line to beat Louisiana Tech Southern Mississippi 35-19 20.00 WIN 126.00
HerdCountry941 Over 46.5 points in the East Carolina-Navy game; Marshall -14.0 points over Charlotte (WIN,WIN) East Carolina 38-35; Marshall 49-28 35.00 WIN 91.00
ULhothot Northern Illinois -1.0 points over Buffalo; Over 59.0 points in the Louisville-Duke game (WIN,WIN) Northern Illinois 33-27; Louisville 62-22 30.00 WIN 78.00
ULhothot Under 59.5 points in the Iowa State-Oklahoma game; Under 66.5 points in the Kansas-Texas Christian game (WIN,WIN) Oklahoma 28-21; Texas Christian 31-28 30.00 WIN 78.00
mcgies852 Florida State +150.0 money line to beat Boston College Florida State 26-23 50.00 WIN 75.00
briank19 Central Florida -30.5 points over Connecticut Central Florida 49-17 60.00 WIN 54.55
ULhothot Under 75.0 points in the Kent State-Akron game; Over 54.5 points in the Virginia Tech-Miami (FL) game (WIN,WIN) Kent State 38-0; Miami (FL) 38-26 20.00 WIN 52.00
mcgies852 Baylor +100.0 money line to beat Kansas State Baylor 20-10 50.00 WIN 50.00

You can see another source of ULhothot’s success, and it’s probably the most hilarious win of the season, even funnier than Louisiana-Monroe. He had Southern Miss (which was 1-8) at +630 to beat Louisiana Tech outright. Which, despite not coming from a USF supporter, may be the ultimate spite bet on Skip Holtz. You know how Quinton Flowers got called a “glorified running back?” USM won this game with literal glorified running backs at QB. Frank Gore Jr. (yes, you are old) was one of four non-quarterbacks who threw passes in the game, and went 4-for-8 for 75 yards and two passing TDs.

And this wasn’t even the spite-iest bet of the week:

briank19 Massachusetts +37.5 points over Army; Vanderbilt +36.5 points over Mississippi (WIN,WIN) Army 33-17; Mississippi 31-17 1.01 WIN 2.63
ElliotMoore Arkansas +900.0 money line to beat Alabama Alabama 42-35 1.01 LOSS -1.01

I’ve never seen a spite parlay before. But briank19 made one and actually won it, using the new 1.01 “LOL bet” convention. ElliotMoore’s bet on Arkansas to beat Alabama outright was also a lot more viable than it seemed pre-game.

More about Futures bets. Most of them, except for USF’s quest to win 3 games and the National Championship bets, have already won or lost. You can see a current list of them at the website. Most “over/under win” bets will be paid off after next week’s games, because that’s when most teams end their regular season, and the over/under bet requires each team’s complete season to be played. Conference/division winner bets don’t require this, so they can be paid when clinched. No more such bets are live, though.

Undercoverbull and defdans, both of whom ran out of fake money earlier this season, will win a Futures bet and can return to play Week 14 and bowl season if they want to. Another player, camweed12, lost his last 88.28 on USF, and can make the Last Chance Bet in Week 14 if he wants to. It occurs to me that this is a fine example of diminishing marginal utility, or “stack size” in poker: the more chips you have, the less each chip is worth. Camweed12 losing 88.28 units hurt him a lot more than BullsOnParade96 was hurt by losing 1,122.29 units.

Points standings for the season are:

bullsonparade96 75
speruche 57
dsidwell31 52
Ulhothot 39
ElliotMoore 36
briank19 34
e-dogg42 34
GaryStephen 24
danj725 19
LrdNorman 18
mcgies852 16
anthonyvito 16
jrjs 16
HerdCountry941 13
McIntyre2K7 13
undercoverbull 10
Gibbsak 8
mmmmsnouts 7
Gym399 4
Andrewpina 4
camweed12 2
Julmisteforheisman 2
jjlovecub 1

BullsOnParade96 is still in good position to win the points race. Speruche and DSidwell31 aren’t mathematically eliminated yet, but there’s only three weeks to go. That USF-Cincinnati game from last week is looming large in this race. If USF had failed to cover, DSidwell31 would have had five more points, and BOP five less. the top three scores would be 70-57-57.

One thing I never clarified was whether or not the bowl season, or the Futures bets, counted as a “week” in terms of the points race. The futures bets won’t, because futures bets were optional, and counting them in the points race would put those who didn’t play futures at a disadvantage. But bowl season, a.k.a. “Week 15”, will be considered a week in terms of the points race.

Week 13 is rivalry week, full of great games like Texas-Texas A&M, Oklahoma-Nebraska, West Virginia-Pittsburgh... oh, sorry, I got nostalgic there for a second. And, sooner than we think, the War on I-4 will join the dust bin of history. If the next realignment is slated for 2023, and UCF doesn’t want to play the game anymore (funny, that) then this may be USF’s last-ever trip to the Bounce House. And while a lot of words have already been written about this, I think I can sum it up with just two: