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PYU Week 10 Results: But That Trick Never Works

BEVERLY HILLS, CA. - OCTOBER 15, 2014: Drawing by Alex Anderson in the Jay Ward Legacy Exhibit is at
Rocky and Bullwinkle artwork
Photo by Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Here’s a moose running around a football stadium:

Unlike the famous Bullwinkle, this moose can pull a rabbit out of his hat:

That’s former USF quarterback Chris Oladokun helping with the subterfuge. But If Bullwinkle had a good weekend, Rocky (The Bull) didn’t. Houston won handily on homecoming, 54-42, despite USF getting two return touchdowns from Brian Battie. Only two players won on this game:

E-dogg42 Over 52.5 points in the Houston-South Florida game; South Florida +13.5 points over Houston (WIN,WIN) Houston 54-42; Houston 54-42 15.00 WIN 39.00
GaryStephen Houston -455.0 money line to beat South Florida Houston 54-42 91.00 WIN 20.00

I don’t like to talk about my own picks, especially when I’m betting against the alma mater, but... did Houston at -455 not look soft as hell to anyone but me? They hadn’t lost since their opener, and had just knocked off unbeaten/ranked SMU. USF had just shown against East Carolina that they weren’t ready for prime time yet. I thought the line would be more like -900, and -22 points.

I also thought Ole Miss giving only 10 to Liberty was soft, considering Liberty had just been embarrassed by friggin’ Louisiana-Monroe. But Mississippi jumped out to a 24-0 lead, and then kind of yawned their way through the second half, nearly giving up the backdoor cover.

The only other 50-unit wins this week were:

Danj725 Wisconsin -12.5 points over Rutgers; Over 37.5 points in the Wisconsin-Rutgers game; North Carolina State -2.5 points over Florida State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wisconsin 52-3; Wisconsin 52-3; North Carolina State 28-14 50.00 WIN 300.00
speruche Under 57.5 points in the Ball State-Akron game; Over 52.0 points in the Eastern Michigan-Toledo game; Over 51.5 points in the Miami (OH)-Ohio game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Ball State 31-25; Eastern Michigan 52-49; Ohio 35-33 40.22 WIN 241.32
E-dogg42 Under 67.5 points in the Liberty-Mississippi game; Under 60.5 points in the Missouri-Georgia game; Under 69.0 points in the Appalachian State-Arkansas State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Mississippi 27-14; Georgia 43-6; Appalachian State 48-14 15.00 WIN 90.00
ULhothot Marshall -1.0 points over Florida Atlantic; Under 62.0 points in the Marshall-Florida Atlantic game (WIN,WIN) Marshall 28-13; Marshall 28-13 20.00 WIN 52.00

And those were offset against a lot of losses. I, GaryStephen, was the only player who made a profit this week (68 units), so I get all 15 points for the points standings. Those are the same as last week, except I move from 6 points to 21.

Before I reveal the standings, we need to talk about the pre-seasons Futures bets some of your made. I can now begin to mark some of them as losses. First on this list, sadly, are:

mcgies852 LOSS 10.00 -1.0000 South Florida 10000.0 to win conference championship
E-dogg42 LOSS 10.00 -1.0000 South Florida 10000.0 to win conference championship
ULhothot LOSS 5.00 -1.0000 Miami (FL) 7000.0 to win national championship
ULhothot LOSS 5.00 -1.0000 Southern California 6000.0 to win national championship

USF has 4 conference losses, and Houston can go no worse than 6-2, so the conference championship bet cannot possibly win. I marked it as a loss, and the wagered amount is deducted from your “Pending Futures” amount, because it is no longer pending. Losing a futures bet doesn’t lower your current bankroll any, because the bet was deducted at the start of the season. On a side note, I’m renaming that column to “Live Futures”, since that’s a better representation of what they are.

I also marked off Miami and USC as national champs, as they have 4 and 5 losses, respectively. I didn’t even eliminate Wisconsin (3 losses) or Pittsburgh (is Pittsburgh) from the national championship race, because they could win their conference, and the selection committee is so hellbent on keeping Cincinnati out that I can’t rule these teams out entirely. Even E-Dogg42’s “Field” bet is still technically alive, because it includes Wake Forest. Their loss to North Carolina was a non-conference game, so they’re still unbeaten in ACC play.

With all that in place, here are your current money standings:

User Total Live Futures Grand Total
Live Futures
bullsonparade96 4081.60 250 4331.60
speruche 1483.21 0 1483.21
ElliotMoore 1426.79 150 1576.79
Danj725 1418.14 0 1418.14
E-dogg42 1230.35 175 1405.35
mmmmsnouts 1114.55 150 1264.55
mcgies852 1108.21 140 1248.21
briank19 1084.69 0 1084.69
Gibbsak 1017.73 0 1017.73
GaryStephen 968.69 0 968.69
ULhothot 963.17 245 1208.17
Lrdnorman 960.29 0 960.29
Gym399 930.64 0 930.64
Andrewpina 794.55 250 1044.55
dsidwell31 772.22 0 772.22
HerdCountry941 756.86 0 756.86
jjlovecub 749.00 0 749.00
jrjs 707.38 0 707.38
anthonyvito 565.12 100 665.12
Julmisteforheisman 451.05 0 451.05
camweed12 88.28 0 88.28
Defdans 0.00 220 220.00
undercoverbull 0.00 250 250.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00 110 110.00

BullsOnParade96 continues to fall back to the pack, but still has a huge cushion from that ULM-Liberty win and three other big weeks. McIntyre2K7 is the third player to run out of units; I will give him 1 unit to make the “sudden death” bet if he wishes to.

Week 11 has lots of key games in conference races: Oklahoma-Baylor, North Carolina State-Wake Forest, and Minnesota-Iowa. Games like Mississippi State-Auburn and Texas A&M-Mississippi will decide if mid-level SEC teams play in a $15 million bowl game, or only a $5 million one.

It’s November, so there are lots of weeknight MAC games to play. Cincinnati at USF is also on Friday night. Other AAC games are Central Florida-Southern Methodist; East Carolina-Memphis; Houston-Temple; and Tulsa-Tulane. Navy is off.