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UPDATE 4/16: AAC to Participate in Cure Bowl in Orlando in 2015

Orlando's Citrus Bowl stadium will host a new bowl, the Cure Bowl in 2015, featuring the American Athletic Conference and Sun Belt.

New Cure Bowl will be feature teams from the AAC and Sun Belt.
New Cure Bowl will be feature teams from the AAC and Sun Belt.

UPDATE 4/16: The new bowl will be called the Cure Bowl, as stated in a press release by the American Athletic conference on Wednesday. The bowl will have " strong ties to charitable organizations working to find a cure for breast cancer.," and "will raise community awareness and support for breast cancer research."

The American Athletic Conference will participate in a third bowl game to be held in the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando. As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, the Bowl game will feature entrants from the AAC and the Sun Belt.

For the American, this will be the seventh bowl tie-in in 2015. No word yet on if the AAC will have an entrant in years after 2015. It'll be another opportunity for USF to play in a home-state bowl game.

This will be the 40th college football bowl game, and the ninth bowl game in Florida. The Florida Citrus Bowl and the Champs Sports Bowl are currently held at the same stadium, which is undergoing a $200 million renovation. The game will be organized by breast cancer-related charities, and will not be affiliated with the other two bowl games.

AAC commish Mike Aresco told The Sentinel that the AAC will make a bowl-related announcement on Wednesday. We'll likely get more details then.