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Only Reilly Gibbons Days Until USF Football Season

You won't see #76 suit up for the Bulls anymore, but he's still part of the team.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We debated whether or not we would still write about today's player. But he still has a number and we still think he's part of the team, so let's do it.

#76 LT Reilly Gibbons
Redshirt Freshman, 6'6", 305 lbs.

2015 Stats: Gibbons did not play due to a chronic knee injury. That same knee injury led him to give up football this spring.

Position on Depth Chart: Naturally Reilly is not listed on the depth chart.

How He Came To USF: Gibbons played at St. Petersburg Catholic High School and originally signed with Stanford's 2014 recruiting class. He took classes there and started to practice with the Cardinal, but then chose to transfer to USF in January 2015.

Recruiting Rankings: Gibbons was a four-star prospect on ESPN and Rivals. Scout and 247 gave him three stars.

Projected Playing Time: We know Reilly won't play, so let's quickly discuss what a medical disqualification is. That designation allows Gibbons to stay with the team and remain on academic scholarship, but it doesn't count him towards the 85-scholarship limit. It does leave the door open for Gibbons to return to football if somehow his injury improves enough to allow him to play. At that point he would start counting towards the limit again. Refer to NCAA Bylaw and Bylaw for more details (on page 213 of this riveting 420-page PDF of the NCAA bylaws).

Follow Him On... Reilly's Twitter handle is @reillygibbons, and he's on Instagram at the same handle. I think we can count him as a 4 Rivers fan.


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