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Only Trevon Sands Days Until USF Football Season

This elusive #28 is finally on the roster, but he might struggle to get on the field because of USF’s depth at running back and wide receiver.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at South Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#28 RB Trevon Sands
Freshman, 5’11", 170 lbs.

2015 Stats: Trevon wasn’t on last year’s roster. We don’t have an official explanation, but our best guess is he either grayshirted or his enrollment was deferred until January. He was on the field during spring practice.

Position on Depth Chart: Understandably for a team stacked at running back, Sands was not listed on the post-spring depth chart.

How He Came To USF: Sands played several positions at Miami Southwest High School. He ran for 447 yards and caught passes for 413 more in 2014, scoring a total of 14 touchdowns. He also played quarterback and defensive back during his time with the Eagles, and returned kicks. Sands chose USF early in the 2015 recruiting cycle and stuck them all the way through, turning down offers from West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Cincinnati, among others.

Watch Trevon’s senior year highlight reel here:

Recruiting Rankings: Trevon was a three-star recruit across the board.

Projected Playing Time: In most other situations, Sands would probably get some playing time this season. But USF is so deep at running back and wide receiver that there might not be enough touches for the guys they already have, let alone the new players. They’re even set with kick returners, so Sands probably wouldn’t play there, either. Sands still has a redshirt to use, and there’s a good chance he’ll use it this year.

Follow Him On... Sands has an Instagram at t_ls5, but he hasn’t used it in awhile. We couldn’t find a Twitter feed, although when we put his Instagram handle into Twitter, it said that account (which obviously may not be his) was suspended.