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Conference Realignment

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 8/12

It’s video presentation time in Expansionpalooza 2016 as the Big XII will contact 17 schools to make their pitch.

USF Passes Note to Big XII, OMG Will They Say Yes?

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw USF pass out at 31 Flavors last night! I guess it's pretty serious.

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 8/1

ESPN and Fox are reportedly not happy about the latest cycle of realignment in today’s expansion links.

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 7/29

The Big XII may want this decision wrapped up before the start of the 2016 regular season. That probably doesn’t bode well for the Bulls.

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 7/26

East Carolina is going into full court press mode and BYU's no games on Sunday stipulation may not be an issue for the Big XII to work around. Here are your expansion links for today.

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 7/25

Writers continue to churn out their lists of top candidates while the big wigs at Houston are ready to go all in for P5 status. Here are your expansion links for today.

Daily Stampede Big XII Expansion Links: 7/22

Texas head honchos backing Houston, the cost of leaving G5 conferences, and SMU and East Carolina poking their head in. These are your Daily Big XII Expansion links.

Daily Stampede Big 12 Expansion Links: 7/21

Big 12 expansion is actually happening. See what our fellow media types are saying and how this impacts South Florida.

A Call To Arms, USF. Buy Season Tickets Today.

If you want a real athletics program, you have to be actively involved and engaged right this instant. Or else it might be over forever.

Big XII Expansion: Well, This Is Happening Now

We may all still be getting ahead of ourselves here, but if this is happening it’s Last Chance Saloon time for USF and everyone else who aspires to get into a Power 5 conference.

UCF's Big XII Presentation Was Full of Terrible

Their study for hire was filled with bad data, some outright lies, and irrelevant nonsense.

Big XII Expansion: Expandus Interruptus

The Big XII sure doesn't sound like they're going to expand right now, which is just fine with USF.

Big XII Expansion: We Can't Take You Guys Anywhere

John Hitt opens mouth, probably inserts foot again.

Big XII Expansion, As Predicted By Tacos

Not sure who the Big XII will add to their league? Follow the tacos.

What USF Is Doing About Big XII Expansion

It's a lot more than they're letting on in public.

Mark Harlan's Letter To Season Tix Holders-Donors

The TL;DR of his letter: "Yes, we know what's happening. Now go buy more tickets and come to games if you want to help."